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The first Swiss cannabis company in blockchain

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Our core projects

Incorporated in 2019, we kickstarted 3 major initiatives.

dHealth database

Contribute to evidence-based practices and help shape the future of cannabis health

Cannabis Tech

Collaborate with scholar from EPFL (Lausanne) for future cannabis device Iteration

GCS share token

We tokenise our common share in the Ethereum blockchain with dividend and voting right

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Decentralized Health Database

dHealth Network

Healthcare-grade blockchain solution

Protecting sensitive health information

A decentralized cannabis health database safeguards user data with encryption and secure access controls, ensuring privacy and data integrity.

Bridging the gap between stakeholders

Decentralized databases enable seamless, secure data sharing among researchers, healthcare providers, and the cannabis industry, accelerating knowledge and innovation.

Rewarding contributions to the database

Users who contribute data to the decentralized cannabis health database may receive incentives, fostering active participation and promoting a rich, comprehensive dataset.

distributed ledger technology - GCS share token

Digital share is real

The first Swiss cannabis company to tokenise its company shares.

online share registry

Always up to date and can be checked online by shareholders anytime.

transfer digitally

Frictionless peer to peer transfer in the Ethereum blockchain.

proof of ownership

Token holders are shareholders with same enforceable rights.

smart contract

Digitalise shareholder agreement and execute automatically.

immutable records

All data is tamper-proof after registering to blockchain.


Maximise liquidity & network effects with fractional investment.


Advanced consumption devices

Play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience, ensuring effective dosing, and promoting safety.


Invest in the future of cannabis and blockchain


Our Team

With total more than 50+ years of experience in cannabis, blockchain, digital, eCommerce, retail, distribution, finance and legal.

Isaac Chan


Edouard F. Touma

lead investor

Qianqian Kong

head of legal

Christian Goecking

board of director

Thierry Uldry

lead investor

Our advisors

Dr. Eberhard Scheuer

advisor, Zurich

Aurélien BERNARD

advisor, france

Cédric Heeb

adivosr, GENEVE
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