Investor Relations

Information for existing shareholders and potential investors of Green Consensus SA

“Our focus is to commercialize Swiss cannabis innovation”

Isaac Chan, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Our core projects

Incorporated in 2019, we kickstarted 3 major cannabis initiatives.

Data & Insights

The first cannabis user community built on dHealth Blockchain Network

Advanced Device

Collaborate with scholar from EPFL (Lausanne) for future cannabis device iteration

DGCS share token

We tokenise our common share in the Ethereum blockchain with dividend and voting right

Digital share is real

The first Swiss cannabis company to tokenise its company shares.

online share registry

Always up to date and can be checked online by shareholders anytime.

smart contract

Digitalise shareholder agreement and execute automatically.

proof of ownership

Token holders are shareholders with same enforceable rights.


Maximise liquidity & network effects with fractional investment.

transfer digitally

Token holders are shareholders with same enforceable rights.

immutable records

All data is tamper-proof after registering to blockchain.

Facts and figures

Cannabis community members

Switzerland and France

R &D proejcts

Patent design WIP

Number of DGCS token owner

Switzerland and rest of the World


Our Team

With total more than 50+ years of experience in cannabis, blockchain, digital, eCommerce, retail, distribution, finance and legal.

Isaac Chan


Edouard F. Touma

lead investor

Qianqian Kong

head of legal

Christian Goecking

board of director

Thierry Uldry

lead investor

Our advisors

Dr. Eberhard Scheuer

advisor, Zurich

Aurélien BERNARD

advisor, france

Cédric Heeb

adivosr, GENEVE


Token ticker : DGCS
Tokenised share : 10,000,000
New share to be issued : 1,000,000
Issue price : 0.5 CHF


Green Consensus SA is a Swiss corporation based in Geneva with trade register number CHE-290.591.036. Its purpose is to leverage blockchain technology to let customer and investor getting access to cannabis industry and is defined in more general terms in its Articles of Association.

Its capital is divided into 10’000’000 shares with a nominal value of 0.01 CHF each, out of which shares are held by the company itself. On the basis of a Registration Agreement, Green Consensus SA shares are registered on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens named Draggable Green Consensus SA Shares.

Historical price of DGCS

Trade History

The trade history widget shows the most recent share transactions. It is automatically updated by on-chain data. The complete trade history is also available for Download as CSV file.
If you want to be notified for new trades or events regarding DGCS tokens, you may subscribe below.

Buy DGCS now

Blockchain has enabled investors to buy and sell shares directly from the company. These blockchain-based security tokens represent shares of Green Consensus SA that are bound to a Token Holder Agreement. The token holder agreement preserves the strategic option of an exit by allowing an acquirer to squeeze out all minority shareholders in case a 75% majority agrees with the acquisition. This is usually called a “drag-along agreement”, hence the prefix “Draggable” in the token name. The DGCS token contract allows the drag-along agreement to be automatically enforced, allowing it to be efficiently executed even if there are thousands of shareholders. At the same time, the agreement also protects the minority token holders by ensuring that they can sell their shares at the same price as the big shareholders in such an event (“tag-along” clause).

Shareholder Registry

Shareholders can either register their shares with the form below, using a wallet of their choice, or by holding their shares with the Aktionariat wallet app for iOS or Android. You only need to register each of your addresses once. Once registered, newly purchased blockchain shares will automatically be added to the shareholder registry in your name. This includes shares from other issuers using our services. For details, please consult our privacy policy.